Everything You Need To Know About Bone Broth

Why Bone Broth Prices Are Pushed Up So High

Why Bone Broth Prices Are Pushed Up So High

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Why Bone Broth Prices Are Pushed Up So High

As the awareness and knowledge grows, we start making more wise and healthy food choices. We realize that the chicken that grows up crowded, pumped full of chemicals will really do us no benefit at all.  So what’s the point of buying and eating it?

We start looking at the back of the ingredient list and some even look into how their meat is raised. To have the best outcome of food as we possibly can, we choose our foods more cautiously. But what does that mean for our manufacturers?

The only reason we were able to purchase certain meats so cheap is because the whole upbringing of the animal is cheap. The animals are raised so that they gain weight as fast as possible and then be slaughtered and brought to the market. The whole process is done as cheap as possible, so the retailers make the most money out of it. For them to raise healthy, free range animals, they have to invest way more time and money, which makes for a more expensive product. This makes sense, since you want to make money on your job, right?

Bone broth is very healthy and beneficial to you, but if the meat or let’s say bones are not brought up in a healthy way, then how should it have any benefit to you?

In my opinion, bone broth prices are raised so high, because the buyers are more aware and want the healthiest bones they can get. That way, the producers have to engage in a lot of other things that they normally would not have to for low cost items. Therefore the price is higher to cover all the costs.

Why Bone Broth Prices Are Pushed Up So High

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