Everything You Need To Know About Bone Broth

How To Spice Up Your Bone Broth – How To Eat Bone Broth Cont.

How To Spice Up Your Bone Broth – How To Eat Bone Broth Cont.

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Bone broth might be enjoyable to drink if you’re a chicken soup lover, but after continuous and persistent drinking it just gets..


And there’s also the ones that CANNOT stand bone broth and just drink it for the health benefits. I have written a post about different ways you can add bone broth to your diet. Be sure to read it: How To Eat Bone Broth to give you a couple more ideas!

Well, here I am again to give you a couple solutions on how you can mix up the taste of your bone broth juice!

1. Add multicultural flavors

Ever tried adding freshly grinded lime, ginger or turmeric? Sriracha is another choice to add some strong flavors to your juice.

2. Try making your own homemade broth

Sarah, from the The healthy economist says that she has found the perfect salt for making your own homemade bone broth. It’s supposed to make any bone broth taste amazing. Her recommendation is to add 1 teaspoon of the Bosari Salt for every quart of bone broth – but of course, all taste buds are different, so season to taste!

I have the product linked for you here:

3. Add some Iodine

Iodine intake is declining since we tend to grab the cheaper salt version than the more richer, iodine contained salt. That being said, salt is NOT the only food that has iodine in it, multiple other foods like eggs, kelp, sea vegetables and yogurt. Don’t be afraid to add that to your bone broth juice! After all, we all need a little hormonal balance for our thyroid 🙂

4. Make a Smoothie

A green smoothie with some kale leafs, freshly squeezed lemon with a bit of bone broth juice is sure to mix up the taste! Be creative and add other things that you might enjoy!

5. Try some meat Jell-o

Next time when you’re cooking your own bone broth, try making some jell-o instead! All the gelatin in the bones is only beneficial to our immune system. Check out this recipe here to see how to make bone broth jell-o.

6. Add Herbs

Cardamon is a spice that helps to boost your metabolism. Also, it helps your body to burn fat. Give this spice a try for your next bone broth juice. Also, garlic, cayenne pepper, freshly grinded black pepper are all seasonings to sure give it a taste!

7. Add healthy fats

Add your bone broth juice to healthy fat rich foods like salmon, flaxseed, crunched walnuts, avocados or coconut oil to add a different dimension to your broth.

8. Have a drink

If it comes to the worst situation, just pretend you’re having a drink. Get the edges of your glass dipped in some sea salt, add a slice of lime/lemon and top your bone broth juice with some fresh black pepper. Now all you have left to do is pretend you’re at the beach enjoying yourself! (Maybe you are?)